Mar 25, 2009

Journalfest Site Is Live!!

The majority of the work I have been doing over the past few months is the brand new Journalfest site. Since this is a new site I got to design it from scratch again and Im really excited about it. The journal itself is hand drawn by me and all the collaged pieces are taken from my mom (Teesha), my dad (Tracy) and my journals. 

I have also posted a image of the bookmark I designed to promote the retreat. I will also be teaching two new classes at this retreat, Brainsponging and The Travel Journal. I think this is going to be a refreshingly different, more intimate retreat that I absolutely can't wait for.

Speaking of which, Artfest is in one week! My favorite time of year!


Gwen said...

Tiphoni, you have out-done yourself on this website! It is just beautiful, and I love all of the pop-ups! I couldn't find classes, and was getting frustrated, then saw the cool pop-up, and had to click on all of them! I think this is your best work (that I have seen, that is!)

Totally AWESOME!!

robin de Alva-graziano said...

yaya! the site is awesome!
gooey ooozing creativitus...
aren't we due for a game night?

tifanie said...

that's really beautiful, tiphoni. tremendous work.

Clarissa Callesen said...

Tiphoni!.. I don't have any other contact info for you, so I am leaving a message on your most recent blog post... It was SO good to connect with you at Art Fiberfest and get a bit tipsy and talk and laugh. Definately one of my cherished moment.. Stay in touch.. drop me a line..